Minutes – November 2018

                                          BROOMHILL COMMUNITY COUNCIL 




The 397th Meeting of Broomhill Community Council was held in Broomhill Primary School, 57 Edgehill Road, Glasgow G11 7HZ, on Wednesday 14th November, 2018, at 7.00 pm.  


  1. Inattendence : Bert Brown , Marie Gray, Roy Hamdy, Morag McKerrell, Barbara McTavish, Areti Makrygeorou, Chris Osborne, James Tudor, John Maddison ( Associate Member)   


Scott McGregor, Robert Patrick,  


Apologies: Amanda Pringle, Charles Scott, Cllr Maggie McTernan , Bailie Ade Aibinu,     Bill Kidd MSP, Carol Monaghan MP 


  1. Previous Minutes:The AGM minutes for the meeting held on 12th October, having been previously circulated were approved. The minutes for the monthly meeting also held on 12th October, having been previously circulated were also approved. No matters arising from either.    


  1. GuestSpeaker : Scott McGregor , LES 


The process commenced in October, 2017 with a voluntary consultation which involved meeting with local elected members, community councils, affected addresses being invited along to a public exhibition at Partick Library.  Feedback received from this time was then input into the statutory TRO process which commenced in December 2017.  There were 114 objections received. The RPZ will include the following – Permits and chargeable max stay parking Monday to Saturday, 8am -6pm. Maximum stay element eradicates commuter parking. Clarence Drive will have removal of parking between the railway bridge and Broomhill Cross.  

Changes to parking at Broomhill Cross. Crow Road – modification of lanes on North Bound approach to Broomhill Cross, retail park junction accesses in response to cllr / resident requests and Marlborough Lane South will have no waiting at any time to assist refuse collection reliability in response to residents / cllr.   



  1. Removal of proposed extended and relocated taxi rank adjacent toBalshagrayChurch on Broomhill Drive secondary carriageway.Existing one taxi rank being maintained. 
  2. Provide two pay and display parking spaces and one disabled parkingspace on Broomhill Drive secondary carriageway replacing proposedextended taxi rank. 
  3. Provide two pay and display parking spaces replacing no waiting / noloading at any time restriction on Broomhill Drive secondarycarriageway. 
  4. Provide a pedestrian refuge island on Clarence Drive adjacent toRoyal Mail sorting office in order to improve pedestrian connectivity


The TRO has been authorised with amendments by the executive director. The TRO will ,when prepared,  be advertised for another 6 weeks. A 20mph zone will be introduced to compliment the main scheme, 20mph includes Clarence Drive from Clarence Gardens to Hyndland Road. Works programme to be complete by Summer 2019. All affected addresses will be written to  



again advising of the works , programme and where they can view the information. The programme will be updated daily with any delays or cancellations added to the end of the programme. 



Officers are aware of the existing situations near Hyndland Rail Station in the Broomhill area due to commuters. A priority list was agreed by the Sustainability & Enviroment Policy Development Committee on the 8 June 2016. It was based on correspondence / complaints received. Broomhill / Thornwood is currently 4th on the list. There will be a review following the Hyndland RPZ implementation which will include video and site surveys. Any issues/complaints can be raised through community council, elected members or direct to land@glasgow.gov.uk resulting in priorities being reassessed and reported to committee. Any proposals would follow the same process as the HHDW scheme and involve the following : Parking Controls , 20mph, one way systems, car club spaces, electric vehicle charging spaces, cycle infrastructure , dropped kerbs at crossing points etc, refuge islands ,  


Additional Q&A’s 

Q – Will permits be allowed at the pay & display parking spaces at Broomhill Cross ? 

A – Permits would not apply in these spaces as the area is out with the zone where permits are being introduced. The paid parking spaces at Broomhill Cross would be relaxed to a shared use parking which will allow permit holders to park without limit of time during chargeable times if parking controls were introduced in the area. 

Q – Council refusal for dropped kerb application on Churchill Drive. 

A –The Council would only approve an application if the dropped kerb was for a driveway. The private verge areas being converted to parking is an issue due to parking pressures in the area that would require discussion between the community and the Council during the voluntary consultation process if parking controls are proposed. Many roads within Broomhill have similar issues regarding parking pressures with vehicles mounting the planted verges so something would certainly require action of some kind such as one way roads, parking only on one side, etc. to protect the verge areas.  


  1. Police Report: in the absence of PC Carly Park report read out by CO. It should be noted that all statistics are provisional. Report as follows:

1 violent assault – detected. 1 online fraud. Detected. Police Scotland remind residents to ensure that when they are purchasing shopping online that they check to see if the website is secure , check reviews if it is not a known website and you can with some banks create an authorisation code as a secondary measure when purchasing online, worth a thought if you have ever been unsure of an online purchase. 1 anti- social behaviour (Vandalism) ongoing. 

1 theft ongoing. 1 RTA – detected. 


  1. Councillor(s) Report (s)– No submitted reports  


  1. Office Bearers Reports: Chair:No report  

VIce Chair: CO discussed issues relating to the introduction of the forum and community council email addresses. Will continue to iron out issues and will be contacting members as required to as accounts are added on.  




Secretary: Correspondence: 

  1. Planning update 240 Crow Road – permission granted. Have emailed Cllr Dalton to ask for change to notification letters.  
  1. Email via Steven Dowling re Wellbeing Committee – dealt with under SFE. 
  1. Early Years Consultation. Discussion had re cc response. As paper at this stage and recognition of requirement for nursery places within the area BCC will send an in principle supportive statement in response to the consultation. Will discuss further when planning discussions commence. 
  1. PC Carly Park. Monthly police report.  
  1. Bailie Ade Aibinu has asked for nominations of elderly residents to attend the GCC Christmas lunch. 

Treasurer: Read out by CO. Cash balance in the main account is £1, 494.22 plus £20 in the sponsorship account. All invoices are paid to date.  


  1. Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.The proposed amended Scheme will have its first reading at the Wellbeing etc committee on Thursday 15th November. If agreed will then proceed to CAC.  Proposals to amend boundaries by BCC have not been recommended by Steven Dowling with the exception of Broomhill Gardens.  BCC was not notified by Thornwood CC of their official position until 3 weeks after the consultation ended by which time we had carried out consultations with affected residents. MG had prepared a request to Veronica Low, CC representative on the Wellbeing ETC committee to request that a new process be introduced where there was not agreement between cc’s to amend boundaries. BCC committee approved document.              



  1. Victoria Park Action Group.Submitted by CS, read out by CO. There was a VPAG meeting held on 30 October which CS attended. The next meeting is on 28 November. The SCIO application to form VCT has been submitted to OSCR. CS is one of three trustees on the interim board charged with getting VCT up and running. Hopefully the SCIO will be approved in the next 6 months. With regard to the Broomhill Heritage Trail. Will take pictures for use on the website. CS attended a civic reception in the City Chambers for participants in Open Doors day 2018 on the 7th November. Would like permission to run BHT walks as part of DOD in 2019. Permission granted.    


  1. AOCB

Discussion on the walkabout which had been carried out with Cllr Ade Aibinu, Roy Hamdy and  Robert Patrick.  General discussion on the issues of parking in Broomhill and specifically Churchill Drive, Robert is interested in helping out with the delivery of surveys etc. Discussion involved issues relating to the grass verges on Churchill and LES agreement to paint courtesy lines at the entrance to Hyndland Station in November.         


  1. Date / Time / location of next meeting.Meeting will be held in Broomhill Primary at 7.00pm on Wednesday 12 th December.   


Meeting closed at 9.00pm.   

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